Do Not Link Links To Websites Without Improving Google Results

Do Not Link Links To Websites Without Improving Google Results

We’re all aware that every time you link to a website, you inevitably push it up in search engine rankings. Over time, that means a site will appear at the top of a Google search result. Sometimes, you want to link to those sites without helping them boost their search results. Do Not Link is a service for just that.

Do Not Link is easy to use. Just drop the URL of the questionable site into Do Not Link, and it gives you a URL that won’t push up those results in search engines. It’s super-handy for linking to those awful trolling articles you really want to talk about but don’t want to push up in Google or to fraudulent sites you need to talk about but don’t want to help out.

Do Not Link [via Swiss-Miss]


    • 2nd that. linktext tells Google to ignore the link

      Perhaps DoNotLink was started by an SEO company to get links pointing to themselves for an unnecessary purpose?

      Also just about anywhere that you can post links on other sites (like in comments or forums) already add rel=”nofollow” to outbound links so they don’t get inundated with linkspam.

      • The anchor tags in my comment above converted into to an actual link: but what I meant to say was rel=”nofollow” in an anchor tag tells google to ignore the link

  • The alternative is to not make it a link, but rather a plain text URL to be copied and pasted into the URL bar. Doesn’t require a third party service to do that. Also doesn’t result in you sharing your link juice with the aforementioned third party service.

  • Great! Do not link to another website but link via the ‘Do Not Link’ website instead… Surely this is just pushing ‘Do Not Link’ higher up the search results! *sarcasm*

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