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Web/Chrome: Misdirection via URL shortener may not be as common as it once was, but you still find people posting Goo.gl, fb.me or bit.ly links in comment threads and on social networks claiming it's one thing when it's really another -- or, worse, malware. Unshort.me gives you a tool to see where you're really going before you click.


We're all aware that every time you link to a website, you inevitably push it up in search engine rankings. Over time, that means a site will appear at the top of a Google search result. Sometimes, you want to link to those sites without helping them boost their search results. Do Not Link is a service for just that.


Ever wanted to share a bunch of links with someone without having to send each one individually? FatURL automatically groups links together on a page and then generates a single link using the URL-shortening service of your choice.


Was It Viewed? is a simple web app that creates trackable links to you can find out if any URL has been viewed. If you sent in an online resume, asked someone to check out a video, or want to know if a friend downloaded a file, it will let you create a simple, trackable link that lets you know when someone is checking it out.


The default YouTube app on iPhone hasn't received an update since it was originally released. In fact, the new, mobile version of YouTube is more feature-rich and faster than its app counterpart. If you're sick of your iPhone always opening up the app instead of the mobile page, Mac OS X Hints has a simple way to stop it from happening.