Dealhacker: Get Grand Theft Auto V For $62 (Free Shipping!)

The hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V launched around the globe this week. Instead of paying $109.95 from EB Games, head to one of the below deals instead — it's currently selling for just $62 on Xbox 360 and $63 on PlayStation 3, including free shipping. But stock is running out fast...

GRAND THEFT AUTO V - Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 (1500 units each). [Note: At time of writing all PS3 copies were sold out and Xbox 360 wasn't far behind, so be quick!)

You can also get it from PlayAsia on both PS3 and Xbox 360 formats for $63.40 (click here and here to head to each deal).

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    You can also get it on PlayAsia for $63.4Aus+free shipping if you miss out on this deal/would prefer to go with a familiar store

    I bought this. but now am not sure if it is a PAL or NTSC version?

      The shipping location is Hong Kong which would make it PAL

        I got this deal and it arrived today and was a NSTC-J. It doesnt play on my Xbox 360, very disappointed. Ive messaged the seller to try to sort it out but no response yet.

      There's no region locking on the 360 version (and the PS3 can't region lock) so your safe regardless ^_^

    Bought this in a rush and realised it won't arrive until the 27th :(

    I made a 360 purchase.

    I HAD pre ordered months ago with video ezy when it was $62.53 and it was the cheapest offering at the time.

    Then literally TODAY i get an email stating oh whoops their stock was delayed/ on back order so i canceled and saved myself 50 cents.

    Got EB to price match with Target for $79 with zero waiting for the postie. Even if shipping is free you still pay in time.

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