Briefly: iPhone 5s Hands-On, When Mining Goes Bad, Stay In Bed Day

Briefly: iPhone 5s Hands-On, When Mining Goes Bad, Stay In Bed Day

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: iPhone 5s first impressions, Australian mining mayhem in pictures, the difference between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ explained.

  • This Sunday is Stay In Bed Day — a global initiative to raise awareness about mitochondrial disease which leaves sufferers almost completely bed bound. In addition to enjoying a guilt-free sleep in this Sunday, you can also send a donation via the Stay In Bed Day website.
  • What’s the difference between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ on food packaging? PopSugar Health & Fitness takes a look at these two terms actually mean.
  • The iPhone 5s launched in Australia today and Gizmodo was quick to get its hands on one. Editor Luke Hopewell describes it as the best iPhone yet. Click here to read his first impressions.
  • Australian mining sites have seen plenty of action in the past few years. Sometimes accidents happen — and with the huge pieces of equipment used for smashing rocks and hauling tonnes of material around a mine site, when things go wrong, the results can be spectacular. Business Insider has assembled a gallery of spectacular scenes of chaos from the front lines of Australia’s key industry. Click here for some truly stunning photos.
  • A company in Japan has created a solution to the first word problem of playing video games on the floor without getting arm cramps. The “Goron” cushion that you can affix your tablet or smartphone to. Head over to Kotaku to see this epically lazy contraption in action.


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