Avoid These Bad Study Habits To Actually Retain Information In School

Remembering details and information is tough for anyone, but it pretty much becomes your job when you’re in school. So, why waste time with methods that don’t work? YouTubers Humorcials detail a few of the worst study habits to avoid wasting your time, and what you should replace them with.

The big study habits to shy away from are: highlighting, re-reading, keyword mnemonics and cramming. Thankfully, you have all kinds of better replacements. These include: elaborative interrogation, self explanation and summarisation. If you really want to cement that information in your memory, you’ll have to work for it with techniques like practice tests and distributed practice.

We’ve certainly heard a lot ofthis before, but check out the video above for a quick summation of the study habits worth cultivating.

Accelerated Learning Techniques You were Never Taught in School [YouTube]


  • The big study habits – everything of which I am guilty of doing! Summarising sounds like a good idea, but is so time consuming! Reading other people’s summaries don’t do the same thing as writing your own. So little time…!

  • They key is to understand what you are learning, not just to memorise the stuff. To understand something you may well have to reread it a couple of times before you start doing the other stuff though. That said, everyone is different…

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