Ask Lifehacker A Question And Win A D-Link Wireless Camera And Router

Ask Lifehacker exists to answer your questions, and we're always seeking more. Ask us a question this week and not only will we help you out, you could also win a D-Link prize pack containing a dual-band wireless N750 gigabit ADSL2+ modem router and a wireless network camera with night vision.

The combination of the DSL-2870B router and DCS-942L gives you rock-solid network performance and the ability to remotely monitor your home or office with a dedicated smartphone app when you're not there.

Here's the deal: ask us a question suitable for Ask Lifehacker in the comments below. The question we judge the most interesting will win the D-Link prize bundle (valued at $349.90) and will be answered here on the site. We'll also try to answer as many of the others as possible.

Full terms and conditions here. Entries close on Friday 4 October at midday, so let's hear your questions!


    I've been using duolingo to learn a new language for the past 6 months. Keeping my word list updated and accessible across multiple devices has been easy thanks to dropbox. However I think life would be easier if I could sync my wordlist (doc format) to my e-reader to compliment doing lessons on the phone whle travelling. Specifically can I set up an automated process to send the dropbox document to my wifi kindle 3 so I can have the list open on the kindle while doing lessons on my phone.

    Dear Lifehacker

    On a recent weekend trip, my car's air-conditioner decide the stop working on the way. As a result I had a a very hot trip home stuck in the Sunday afternoon traffic. Skipping forward, I have been quoted for $3000 dollars to get it fixed (and by fixed, I mean total replacement).
    The car still drives fine and the A/C button still lights up, just no cold air comes out.
    So I am considering trading in my broken car and get a new one (probably a family car as I am at that part of my life).
    So my question is if I am trading in my car, do I have to tell the dealer about the broken air conditioner? Is it a only tell them if they ask or to I have to tell them from the start?

    Dear LH,
    How come you don't link to ?
    Its a Gawker site, and imo much better than 'pop sugar' which seems to
    hog way too much header.

    Also I have another question. What is the best device for daily public transport use? I will soon be traveling on a train daily for an hour so need some to entertain me. Something that allows web browsing, watch movies, listen to music, play games etc. Between laptops, ipads, tablets, chromebooks, kindles, and the millions of other devices, I have have no idea where to start. Help?

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