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Ask Lifehacker exists to answer your questions, and we're always seeking more. Ask us a question this week and not only will we help you out, you could also win a D-Link prize pack containing a dual-band wireless N750 gigabit ADSL2+ modem router and a wireless network camera with night vision.

The combination of the DSL-2870B router and DCS-942L gives you rock-solid network performance and the ability to remotely monitor your home or office with a dedicated smartphone app when you're not there.

Here's the deal: ask us a question suitable for Ask Lifehacker in the comments below. The question we judge the most interesting will win the D-Link prize bundle (valued at $349.90) and will be answered here on the site. We'll also try to answer as many of the others as possible.

Full terms and conditions here. Entries close on Friday 4 October at midday, so let's hear your questions!


    How are people storing / plan on storing their captured footage from the camera? How much capacity are people dedicating, and is it to a cloud server or a local NAS? Are people worried about power being disconnected first?

      You can attach local storage, mydlink Cloud or hook it into another NAS - I'm sure there'd be a way to cloud to a 3rd party! As for power out, think you'd have that problem with any setup - a good UPS will fix it but at a cost...

    I'm a Uni student in Orbost (rural Victoria) who has to spend a lot of time on the run throughout all of Gippsland. My primarily computer only has 128GB local storage, meaning I have to carefully select what files I keep local and what I can hide in the cloud, but don't like using 3rd party services for sensitive files (bank statements, essays and notes for Uni, lots of small sized files etc.). Combining the above DSL-2870B router and DCS-942L with a NAS would be a fantastic upgrade from my 10 year old router (with a WiFi reach of about 5m) and a way to keep an eye on my stuff when I'm travelling - but what would be best NAS/setup to go with it for making my own private cloud? Cheers!

    Hi Lifehacker,
    Ive been a gamer for most of my life, and as a consequence I have amassed a somewhat sizable collection of 'vintage' video games and consoles. I currently have an Atari, Sega Mega Drive, PS1, PS2, PS3, XBox 360, and am looking to add a few more into this collection (Super Nintendo, Commadore 64...). All the consoles and games are different, and there are varieties of both discs and cartridges. So my question is, what's the best and safest way to store them all? I want to be enjoying these classics for years to come!

    Whats the best ipad apps for teachers?
    Whats the best apps for students?

    Dear Lifehacker,

    I own and live in an apartment (well the bank owns most of it at the moment...) and I accidentally created a water feature in my laundry whilst drilling to put in some new shelves. That cost me a pretty penny to get fixed up and I don't want to do it again. What can I use to locate pipes and wiring in concrete/brick walls that actually works? I've read reviews on some devices and people say they are next to useless, while others say they work well. So I'm a little confused...

    Please help!

      This is a genuine question, not just an attempt to win (which would also be nice) so if anyone knows of this magical device, please reply

        first use a digital multimeter to find live wiring in the general area. if you are unsure, cut off power to the room while working. most pipes run up and down less active nearby units. evaluate the areas first.

        if the wall is a partition wall or encased in brick there is no true standard. measure the length of the brick, use shorter Tapcon screws, hammer drill, and Plugs/Concrete Anchors.

    Dear LH,

    I'm in a bit of a rut. At the start if the year I set myself a goal, and that goal was to create this mind blowing app for Windows Phone. I've never programmed for a mobile device before but I came up with this great idea for an app and thought it would be a great expedition into programming for mobile devices.

    My work involves alot of going away with not alot of time to do personal things during my downtime and its broken my enthusiasm and the momentum I had when I first started to get into it. Now, its nearly October and I haven't got the energy to get back into the programming mind frame to finish it off.

    The question: How do I find the motivation to get back into it? Particularly for this type of thing which requires alot of mental energy and for your head to be in the right place. I really need to get this app done otherwise I'll be kicking myself.



    Dear Lifehacker,

    In the next few weeks I plan on getting my ACT P plates. This has led to some confusion as to what I am/am not allowed to do in NSW. As my Mum drives a Turbo Golf and I plan on sometimes borrowing it, what are the rules surrounding ACT drivers in NSW where P plates can't drive turbos and have a speed limit? Should I just follow their rules or to the ACT's still apply to me?


    Dear Lifehacker,

    I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand? (Just kidding!)

    Seriously, I'm running out of hard drive space because I have a collection of years of home photos. Apart from getting more storage or culling some pictures, the other option I've been thinking about is converting all my images to the WebP file format. It looks like it could compress down to somewhere between 40-60% of the original size.
    What are the advantages or disadvantages? Is this a good idea? Or am I committing myself to a file format that hasn't got the same backing as some more mainstream image file formats?

    Thanks - Running out of space

    Dear Lifehacker,
    I'm feeling like an entrepreneur, I have a great idea for a new startup website. What do I do now, Business Plan, network, etc. But my biggest set back is funding. Where or what are the best ways to get funding for my new venture?

    Our family has recently purchased an investment property that will be used for holiday rentals. Given that the property will be unoccupied for extended periods it would be good to have some form of (visual/internet based) security. Can Ask Lifehacker suggest how we might do this without invading the privacy of our guests?

    How to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes? I sleep and drink lots of water and it lightens but never goes away completely. Employer has even thought I was some heavy drinking night owl, when I was not :(

    I'm always looking to trim a few more minutes off my morning routine. Is it really necessary for me to brush my teeth for 2 minutes and if so do you have any suggestions to make the time more productive?

    Dear LifeHacker
    I need to come up with a good question so i can win the prize on this page, i was wondering if you had any good idea's?

    Hail LifeHacker

    I am currently in the process of returning to the workforce after a prolonged absence (illness related). During my recovery my desktop has been my lifeline to the world, however it is now showing its age and I need to purchase a replacement.

    My problem is this - on my quest to replace the desktop with a laptop I find that there are numerous opinions, forums and articles extolling the virtues of the different OS, their components and what is currently considered value for money.

    I have been to sites like Whirlpool etc where plenty of sage advice is offered, yet even when I state that my requirements are for a laptop I am presented with a myriad of opinions and options.

    Therefore my question becomes - when fan boys and advocates dominate public forums like this, can you actually trust the information that is being disseminated.

    Frustrated of Redfern

    Dear Lifehacker,

    I'm a web developer who is always looking to sharpen my skills, and I was wondering what are your suggestions for the best development languages, frameworks or environments, specifically in Australia?


    Is there any way on Gods green earth that i could win this D Link package?Just answer the question Lifehacker...just answer the question.

    My partner and I have just bought our first house which is at the top of a hill. Because of this it's constantly windy outside which makes Bin Night quite an issue. How can I stop the bins from blowing over without weighing them down so much that we get in trouble for excess garbage?

    I have a old PC running at home which I use to record live TV (via mythtv) and I use my phone to sent a wake-on-lan package to wake it when I want to watch tv at home (saves me getting off the couch and pressing the button- yes, I am lazy).

    I want to be able to turn on the PC remotely and manage recordings form anywhere I have an internet connection. I can already log on the the web interface of the pc to manage the recordings remotely but my problem is turning it on remotely (ie not connected to the same wifi network).

    I know I need to configure my router to let the wake on lan package through - but I dont know where to start.

    Last edited 01/10/13 9:43 am

    I use XBMC to watch TV at home on a farily old PC - I was told I can migrate this over to a raspbery pi and save on electricity - but how do I know it will actually be worth it? In this case it probably will pay off pretty soon as a pi plus peripherals will only set me back ~$50.

    This leads me to the bigger question - what tech can I replace to save on electricity and is it actually worth doing - ie will the long term payoff be worth the initial investment in new hardware?

    OK my last question,

    I have a solar hot water system and most days of the year it does a great job - only occasionally will I need to turn on the electric booster to warm the water (usually on cloudy winter days). On days like this I often forget to turn on the booster to avoid a cold shower in the evening (especially since I am the usually the last one to shower in a family of 6). Is there a technological solution to turn on the booster automatically without me having to remember it - perhaps some sort of IFTTT solution? I dont want to leave the booster on all the time as it is a waste of electricity.

    Dear Lifehacker,

    More of a rhetorical question but why don't high demand websites employ the BitTorrent Protocol more? Even if it's only for fallback only and only for static versions of the website. Or even your own CDN over BitTorrent. That way when a DOS attack happens, at least legit users could get access to some aspects of the website.

    I reckon you could use a BtSync file on the root of your webserver (kind of like favicons.ico but only containing the BtSync ID) and a browser addon to employ Bt Sync. The beauty is that with more people using a website then it would be more reliable as the content would likely be closer. I'm just not so sure about overhead of establishing the connections.

      Spoke to soon - check out as an example of a Social Network built on BTSync.

      Last edited 03/10/13 3:45 pm

    One of my geeky dream goals is to learn how to program in Java for the purposes of creating Android apps. Where is the best place to start??

    There's a wealth of information out there on starting out in Java programming, but most of it is not focused on Android app development specifically. Should I start out with these, or should I try to seek out more Android-specific Java tutorials?

    As an aside, I have very little programming experience. Used to write HTML / CSS for websites, and had some experience with VBA in highschool, but not much else other than that.


    I'm interested in backing up all my data - everything from games to pictures to videos. I know there are plenty of paid services that store your data in the cloud, but I was interested in a physical backup system. My question is this: What is the most practical backup solution for me, and how long will my data last like this?

    I have been hunting for a solution for a while for a media player for 4 different HD TV's in my home.
    We have several TB of collected movies etc in a variety of formats & codecs.
    What can I use to play everything that I throw at it? I have tried streaming via PS3 Server & Serviio,
    & am currently making use of Sony Blu-Ray players. However these still don't play everything.

    Am I asking too much? Would a Raspberry Pi or similar Android micro-pc work?

    Thanks, Struggling Streamer.

    Hi Lifehacker,
    I like playing games on my pc, ps3, phone, xbox 360, tablet pretty much everything and anything that I can get my hands on. I also work full time and have a girlfriend (Already lost 3 girlfriends to my gaming habit - Aion was the culprit). What can I do to help balance my day and night? and keep my girlfriends? help me Lifehacker.

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