Any.DO Creates A Chrome App With Offline Support And Dictation

Any.DO Creates a Chrome App with Offline Support and Dictation

Any.DO just created a Chrome App — a packaged experience that runs through the Chrome browser but feels more native — that allows offline work and voice dictation.

If you need to add tasks while you don't have an internet connection, you can. Just use Any.DO as you normally would and it will sync up when it can. Furthermore, if you don't feel like typing you can simply dictate new tasks. Handy keyboard shortcuts also make things easier. The + key adds a new task, V toggles between calendar and folder view, and space expands and collapses folders.

Want to check it out? Just download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Any.DO [Chrome Web Store via OMG Chrome]


    "Any.DO just created a Chrome App"?
    I'm sure I grabbed this something like a fortnight ago when "Chrome Apps" were first announced / released

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