Any.DO Comes To Web And iOS

Any.DO Comes To Web And iOS

Web/iOS: Previously mentioned Android to-do app Any.Do took the wraps off of its web app and iOS app this weekend, so if you were previously using the service on your phone and wished you could get access to your to-dos at your computer or on your iOS device as well, now’s your chance.

The Any.Do iOS app is free and available to download now, but the web app is in public beta and rolling out invites over the next several days. Sign up now to save a spot in line.

The iOS app looks and operates just like its Android cousin, meaning you get the benefit of multitouch gestures to mark tasks as complete, the ability to start typing a task and have Any.DO autocomplete it for you, Google Task syncing, and the ability to add to-dos by tapping the microphone icon and speaking to your phone. The web app is just as intuitive as the mobile version, and Chrome users can install the Any.DO Chrome extension to manage their to-dos without having to keep a separate tab open.

Additionally, you can share your to-dos with Facebook, Twitter and more. The web app, iOS app and overall service are still free, and they all sync up nicely. Keep in mind there’s another Any.DO iOS app in the app store riding on the popularity of the service, so make sure to download the right one if you’re going to install it. Do you use Any.DO on Android? Prefer a different app? Let us know in the comments.

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