Top 10 Life-Enhancing Tips From Peter Capaldi, The New Doctor Who

Top 10 Life-Enhancing Tips From Peter Capaldi, The New Doctor Who

The casting of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth TV version of Doctor Who is dominating the news this week — it drew more search traffic to Google than the Federal election announcement. We’ll have to wait until next year to really see how Capaldi slots into the role, but we can draw on his experience from an acting career stretching back thirty years for some useful lessons on how to progress in life.

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TLDR: Capaldi has played more roles than just a hilariously sweary political psycho on The Thick Of It. Pay attention and enjoy what’s to come.

When money is tight, plan carefully.

In 2012, Capaldi helped produce a series of movie spoof shorts for TV called Cricklewood Greats, made on an ultsra-low budget. To make that work, uber-detailed planning was essential:

There was very little money so we had to be very sure of what we were doing and I storyboarded the entire thing.

Always a good lesson: planning saves money.

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A good memory and friendliness pay off

In 2010, Capaldi was interviewed by UK journalist Mariella Frostrup, and kicked off by recalling the first time they had met 20 years later. “It was an act of incredible kindness for which I am eternally grateful, and it was so glamorous because it was you. I showed up a dumb punk from Glasgow with this elegant creature waiting for me on a street corner!” The lesson: flattering people helps.

Source: The Guardian

All careers have static

Tasks you don’t enjoy are true of all jobs, but especially in a competitive, capricious field such as acting. As Capaldi explains his career prior to succeeding in The Thick Of It:

What I’ve learnt being an actor is that you’ve got to be lucky. I got less lucky and nobody was interested. If a part came up it would be for the main corpse’s friend’s brother who was having problems with his marriage. Two scenes. You’d have to go up for that and then you wouldn’t get it and then you’d just feel like shit.

Source: The Independent

Charity is an act of imagination

Explaining his support for children’s charity Aberlour, Capaldi reminded us that we shouldn’t only support causes we can directly relate to:

I think it’s hard for people to imagine that there are people who need help in their backyard. I became involved because they asked me and because I think that the work that they do is terrific but they need to have their profile heightened.

Source: No. 1 Magazine

Cleanliness beats costliness

Here’s Capaldi recalling the latrines of his childhood:

Where my grandmother lived, the only toilet was a communal one on the landing, but it was spotless.

Source: Radio Times

Persistence pays

Asked about the best advice he had ever received as an actor, Capaldi gave a typically pragmatic response:

I suppose the best advice was from Stephen Frears. He just said “make another film”. When you’re moaning about not being able to get the money, keep at it. That’s not very interesting advice!

Even if you’re not an actor, doing something beats whining about doing nothing.

Source: What’s On Stage

The best way to see London

We have nothing to add here other than yes!:

In Peter Ackroyd’s book London: The Biography he describes the route of the medieval wall that enclosed the original city. Take the book and follow it from the Tower of London via the Barbican to Ludgate Hill. You experience the real history of London.

Source: Evening Standard

Helping others is a good idea

We’re returning to the theme of helping others because Capaldi constantly does and modern society often doesn’t:

I lived through a golden period where society felt that it was good to help people who didn’t have a great deal of money fulfil their potential. It’s sad, considering where we are now.

Source: Radio Times

Camels suck

They never stop spitting, farting, shitting, vomiting — and those big teeth. At least a horse you can come to some terms with the relationship but a camel’s, like, get the fuck off me. This is not going to end happily.

Source: The Guardian

Make the life you want, not the life others want

Capaldi says he has no regrets about not pursuing a big Hollywood career, despite winning an Oscar for his first short film directing effort. “I suppose I like my life exactly the way it is,” he says. If you can say that, you’ve done well.

Source: Radio Times