Calculate The True Cost Of Moving Before You Sign A New Lease

Calculate The True Cost Of Moving Before You Sign A New Lease

It’s easy to underestimate moving costs when a raise in rent provokes us to find a new place to live. Before you pack your things to leave and sign a new lease, calculate the true cost of moving to ensure you’ve factored in many of the little (and even big) things many people forget.

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As US News points out, you don’t just pay for a few boxes and a truck — there’s a bunch of other stuff as well. Remember to factor these things into the price of moving to make sure leaving your current apartment isn’t more cost-effective:

  • Rental application fee
  • First month’s rent
  • Security deposit (you won’t get your current one back for at least two weeks)
  • Pet deposit
  • Packing supplies
  • Moving company or truck rental

Of course, you can knock out of a few of these items by picking up free used boxes on Craigslist, borrowing a truck from a friend, and having your landlord sign off on a walk-through of your apartment so you know you won’t lose any of your security and/or pet deposit(s). Nevertheless, you should know the maximum potential burden moving could have on your finances before you go, and this list provides a good starting point.

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  • a trip to woolies or coles to get boxes.
    couple mates,
    beer & pizza.

    that’s about the cost of moving for me.

  • line rental and internet connection fee..
    I forgot about both of these.. about $200 all up..

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