Are You Enrolled To Vote?

Are You Enrolled To Vote?
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Today at 8pm is the cut-off to enrol to vote (or change your enrolment address) for the Federal election. We’d urge everyone eligible to enrol, but we’re wondering: are Lifehacker readers properly organised in this area? Time for a pre-poll poll:

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  • I tried to update my address online, and received a letter a week later stating that I have never enrolled to vote and hence they cant update my address. I have voted several times in the past without issue. The only way, according to the AEC, to dispute this is to send a written dispute via SNAIL MAIL to them to arrive before 8pm today… Great system :-/

  • I’m enrolled to vote, but I’d rather they make it non-compulsory, like other countries

    I don’t want to vote for either Rudd or Abbott – both are just as bad

    Think I will just draw some pretty pictures on my voting paper

      • You should vote for a local member whose values align the most with your own so they can represent you in parliament.

        • Thanks @Dman and @dane

          Never really thought of it like that to be honest

          You’re bombarded with “junk” mail and ads saying “Labor are bad and Liberal are bad, Rudd this and Abbot that”, that the whole voting thing puts me off completely

          Maybe I will read on what my locals are doing for a change

    • the vote for a smaller party or independent.

      The longer we think it’s a 2 party system, the longer we’ll have to put up with increasingly corrupt politicians.. Time to distribute votes to others (remember, if they don’t get in, their party will receive more funding the next year.

  • What are the repercussions of not enrolling to vote? I know that if you’re enrolled, and then don’t vote, you get fined. But is there a penalty (apart from not being able to vote) for not enrolling when you turn 18? E.g. fines?

    • The biggest repercussion is your age group not being taken seriously and missing out on lots of funding and opportunities in the budget. If you don’t matter to them then they won’t make policy to win your vote. This is what we are seeing now, no policies for 18-25, so 18-25 aren’t interested enough to vote. So 18-25 don’t vote and are marginalised in the budget. Taking money from unis to pay for Prep-12 anyone? They don’t care because it doesn’t cost them votes.

  • Yes, I’m enrolled.

    My seat is one of the safest seats in the country, the local member is never heard from in the electorate until the election is called, and then promises a whole bunch of stuff which never gets delivered. Idiots believe him, or are loyal to his party.

    I’m voting for the other party, not because I want them to win, but because I want my local MP to have a less healthy margin.

  • I’m enrolled but registered at an old address on purpose — I feel I can make more of a difference there.

  • Anyone not enrolled to vote in the 18-25 age category that is willing to take part in a story for The Age newspaper today??

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