VLC For iPhone And iPad Is Back In The App Store

VLC For iPhone And iPad Is Back In The App Store

iOS: VLC, one of the best media players for the desktop, has had a long and tumultuous history, but it’s back today after being rebuilt from the ground up to be fast and flexible, and play virtually any video file.

The new version makes use of multi-core video decoding. It supports every file format that VLC on the desktop does, so you really can play anything through it with or without transcoding it first. The new VLC also supports integration with Dropbox, gives you the option to upload video via Wi-Fi, and even hooks into the iOS Share menu to let you quickly push a video file you’ve downloaded right into VLC. There’s even support for closed captioning, subtitles and AirPlay playback.

Android users, don’t fret: You’ve been stuck with the now year-old VLC beta, but the VideoLAN team says an update on that front is on the way soon. iOS users can hit the link below to grab the new version.

>VLC (free) [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


  • Can it play 1080p? I have not found anything than can play 1080p on iPhone or iPad.
    I still chuckle sometimes that tablets get such great write ups, when I find them very limiting in fundamental ways.
    Q: can you easily create content (text)?
    A: NO
    Q: can you easily play 1080p crisp video with DTS audio?
    A: NO
    Q: do you have enough storage space to store what you want (eg. FLAC audio, movies at a decent bitrate)?
    A: NO
    Q: can you transfer data on/off at a decent speed (eg, eSATA, or even USB3)?
    A: NO
    In fact, the answer to these questions should have been “NOT EVEN CLOSE”.
    But I can have all if these things with a small laptop – inc touch screen!!! Why do people rave about these devices?? Smart phones I can excuse, but tablets are form over function for MOST users.

      • Really??? I was looking for VLC for Debian or Gameboy. Silly me

        Clicking the link to the item produces that message from iTunes.

          • Especially since the VLC app is linked at the bottom of the page; and is most definitely works on the Australian App Store.

          • Yes, I clicked *that* link. Got the message from iTunes as stated. Searching in the store turned up a bunch of other VLC apps, and not the one sought. The rest of you come along hours later – AFTER it has been pushed to the Australian store.

        • Yes, I understand the link was incorrect. But you obviously hadn’t had the intelligence to search for it, otherwise you would have been able to find it straight away in the Australian app store.

          The name of the app is “VLC for iOS”, douchebag.

          • Perhaps you can post the link dets, because both the link and searching for “VLC for iOS” turn up no results in the Australian iTunes store. Searching for VLC does but its all old and 3rd party software.

          • “Obviously” huh?

            For those of you late risers who came along after it had been pushed to the Australian store, lucky you. Lifehacker often jumps the gun with iTunes releases.

            I hope you never have to debug something.

          • I downloaded the app on Friday night after reading this post on Gizmodo.


            So despite being a late riser Saturday, I already had the app about 10 hours before you incorrectly posted that it wasn’t available. So yes, you obviously hadn’t searched for it.

            And anyway, why would you be an ass to someone who read your comment and tried to help you? Are you like that in real life too or just on the internet?

          • You weren’t being helpful. I had searched, and that was what iTunes said. Even though I had a webpage open with an /au/ in the link for Australia, iTunes itself still said not available (from both PC and iPhone), even after your first condescending post . Again, not the first time with iTunes and apps notified through these pages, and I’m not the only one on here who has reported the same experience over the years.

            NB, various comment below about inconsistent availability.

  • We’ve just downloaded it to iPad so it’s there now ….. but …. so far we’ve only managed to get it to play mp4 files properly! Sound with avi files is just noise whilst mkv files cause the app the crash. Very disappointing but hopefully just us because VLC has been a long time favourite. There is a comment at the iTunes store which also mentions the problem with sound. This app might not justify the angst about not being able to find it.

  • Not finding it in the Oz store, followed the link shown above for the developer VideoLAN and I get no results when searching for them.

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