The Sneaky Interview Question Developers Should Be Ready For

The Sneaky Interview Question Developers Should Be Ready For

Some tricky interview questions will show up no matter what role you’re applying for; some are specific to the job. Here’s one that developers should prep for.

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In a roundup of tricky questions that sometimes get asked at Apple, what stood out for us was the question Apple asks almost everyone in a technical role. After asking specific technical questions, the follow-up is: “How would you optimise that?”

It’s a sneakily iterative question, but one that helps distinguish people who know the basics from people who can creatively apply their knowledge. This isn’t one of those questions where a pat answer will do; the most helpful strategy might be to develop your creativity so you can come up with unusual answers.

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  • Doesn’t seem that sneaky lol.. “How would you do the job you’re (probably) applying for?”

    Also i’m not entirely sure that.. Another of your sites.. Classifies as a valid source of syndicate-able material..

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