The Sneaky Interview Question Developers Should Be Ready For

Some tricky interview questions will show up no matter what role you're applying for; some are specific to the job. Here's one that developers should prep for.

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In a roundup of tricky questions that sometimes get asked at Apple, what stood out for us was the question Apple asks almost everyone in a technical role. After asking specific technical questions, the follow-up is: "How would you optimise that?"

It's a sneakily iterative question, but one that helps distinguish people who know the basics from people who can creatively apply their knowledge. This isn't one of those questions where a pat answer will do; the most helpful strategy might be to develop your creativity so you can come up with unusual answers.

The Trickiest Questions Apple Will Ask In A Job Interview [Business Insider]


    Doesn't seem that sneaky lol.. "How would you do the job you're (probably) applying for?"

    Also i'm not entirely sure that.. Another of your sites.. Classifies as a valid source of syndicate-able material..

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