Roamz App And Site Are No More

Roamz App And Site Are No More

Bad news, Roamz fans: the well-regarded Aussie-developed tool for finding cool stuff to do or eat near where you are is being officially retired.

An email sent to Roamz users today notes that the Roamz apps are being removed from the iOS and Android app stores. Since its launch for iOS back in October 2011 (and its subsequent Android incarnation), Roamz attracted 200,000 users: a healthy number, but not necessarily enough to make a long-term business.

The Roamz web site already redirects to the new B2B project from the Roamz team, Local Measure, a nifty service for measuring the number of social interactions in a given store or chain of stores. It builds on the experience the team gained in building Roamz, but has a definite business focus.

I met with Roamz founder Jonathan Barouch a few weeks ago and checked out Local Measure in beta. It looks good, and I hope the project succeeds. It’s also a reminder that not every startup will succeed with its first product incarnation, and that’s OK.

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