Roamz Now Available On Android

Roamz Now Available On Android

Whenever we feature an awesome iOS app, the question “When is the Android version coming?” echoes through the comments at rapid speeds. So here’s some good news: Roamz, the Australian-developed app that finds interesting activities near where you are by combing social networks and other sources, is now available on Android.

The iOS version of Roamz had a major upgrade back in March, and the Android release sports a similar feature set, showing you nearby activities, bars, restaurants and events based on your current location. Roamz is a free download from Google Play.

Roamz [Google Play]


  • Any app that adds itself to my homescreen without asking is insta-uninstalled, this is what just happened to Roamz – I didn’t even create an account. I put things on my homescreen that I decide I want fast access too and I don’t appreciate apps trying to promote themselves on the sly. Maybe I would have used this app a lot, now we’ll never know.

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