Pack Single Servings Of Condiments In Contact Lens Cases

Pack Single Servings Of Condiments In Contact Lens Cases

Does your office lunch seem a bit bland? A contact lens case is a nifty way to store small quantities of your favourite condiments.

All you have to do is fill one or both sides of the case with the condiments of your choice, seal it well, and toss it in your lunch bag. This can be particularly helpful for sandwiches, since it lets you spread your mustard at lunchtime rather than having the bread get soggy.

If you wear contacts, you’ll have dozens of these things lying around, and this is a clever way to put them to use. Check out the source link for some more handy uses for contact cases.

9 Ingenious Uses for Your Spare Contact Lens Cases [WonderHowTo]


  • Rue the day you wanted extra chili for your Nasi Goreng and put them in your contacts container.

    You know how they need to write “Don’t use as a food container” on Metho bottles? You know how you thought “How flapping stupid would you need to be to put food in that?”…

    … Meet SHEP MCALLISTER the idiot who puts a milkshake in a metho bottle.

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