Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted better game classification rules, insights into Windows 8.1 and less ironing. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Is The Australian Video Game Classification System Still Broken?
    Last night, the Australian Classification Board gave the video game Saints Row IV an RC rating, which means it cannot be legally sold in this country. This is despite the fact that video games now have an R18+ classification in Australia. So is Saints Row IV — a tongue-in-cheek action game — really worse than “torture porn” movies like Hostel and Saw? Or is the Classification Board still backwards when it comes to classifying games?
  2. Are You Young/Hip Enough To Eat Donut King’s Amazeballs?
    Most food companies carefully market their products to appeal to as many customers and age groups as possible in a bid to maximize sales. Sometimes however, the ‘obnoxious hipster’ demographic is considered sufficient. Introducing the Donut King Amazeballs…
  3. De-Wrinkle Your Clothes Without Ever Touching An Iron
    Ironing is barbaric. There, I said it. Heating up a giant metal plate to slowly smooth out wrinkles is at best a tedious exercise, and it requires way too much setting up and stuffing around. Fortunately, there are alternatives.
  4. Which Occupations Is The Tax Office Targeting This Year?
    Yes, the financial year is almost over, so it’s time for our annual Tax Week series of posts, looking at how to organise your tax affairs and maximise your returns. Let’s kick off with a perennial topic of interest: which occupations will the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) be paying special attention to this year?
  5. All The New Stuff In Windows 8.1
    The preview release of Windows 8.1 officially arrived today, debuting a range of new options that change much of the Windows experience. Here are the key new features you’ll find in the next version of Windows.
  6. Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Angus ‘Big Tasty’ With Bacon
    Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald’s Angus Big Tasty With Bacon burger.
  7. What Not To Delete When Cleaning Your Mac’s Hard Drive
    I only use Macs occasionally, so when it comes to doing upkeep, I’m nowhere near as up-to-date on which file system nooks and crannies to clean out when I need to reclaim drive space. If, like me, you’re prone to doing this sort of surgical space-freeing, it’s good to know what files to delete… as well as those you should keep away from.
  8. What Ten Australian Films Would You Recommend To A Non-Local?
    Earlier in the month, we attended TechEd 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. During a press shindig, one of Microsoft’s American PR representatives asked us to name Australia’s ten best movies with the stipulation that they actually be capable of entertaining non-Australians. This proved to be a surprisingly difficult undertaking…
  9. How To Pay Off Your Debt Using The Stack Method
    Whether it’s consumer debt on credit cards, tax debts or a mortgage, most people find themselves weighed down by debt at some point in their lives. This can keep us working at jobs we hate just to pay the bills and keep our heads above water. By learning how to pay off debt, you can release the burden and remove some stress. I’m going to explain how to pay off your debt as fast as possible using the “stack method”.
  10. Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are The Best Alternatives
    Google is closing Google Reader’s doors on July 1, which means you’ll need to find a new way to get your news fix. Here are the services you should check out, and how to export all your feeds and put them into a new reader.

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