Are You Young/Hip Enough To Eat Donut King's Amazeballs?

Most food companies carefully market their products to appeal to as many customers and age groups as possible in a bid to maximize sales. Sometimes however, the 'obnoxious hipster' demographic is considered sufficient. Introducing the Donut King Amazeballs...

Amazeballs are warmed donut balls filled with a choice of choc orange or apple cinnamon. This normally wouldn't be worthy of mention, but that name is like a red rag to a bull.

"Who would "LIKE" to try our new Amazeballs?," Donut King unsubtly asks on its Facebook page. "Trust us when we say they're Totes Amazeballs".

Perhaps we're just getting cantankerous in our old age, but we object to buying something named after one of the most obnoxious, English-butchering phrases that has ever assaulted our ears. Popularised by gen Y blogger Perez Hilton, "amazeballs" is a portmanteau of "amazing" and "balls" which is supposed to signify something super amazing. (We're not sure whether the balls refer to testicles or nondescript spherical orbs — neither of which we'd class as especially amazing.)

It's the type of consciously "hip" phrasing that makes me want to return to English teaching just so I can bash 14-year old hipsters around the necks with my Macquarie Dictionary (comprehensive edition, natch).

The Amazeballs products also come bundled with a temporary tattoo and QR code which lets you play an Augmented Reality donut game.

“In addition to in-game fun, players can also share their experience and top score with friends via social media and watch the Amazeballs television commercial,” Donut King cheerfully explains. Clearly, if you're over the age of 12 and don't suffer from brain damage, the company isn't interested in your business.

The Amazeballs are available for purchase from all Donut King outlets across Australia for $1.70 each or in a pack of 4 for $5.00. The Apple Cinnamon Amazeball has a kilojoule count of 603kj while the Choc Orange version comes in at 656kj.

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    Reminds me of Chef from South Park...

      I don't think these are salty though :-P

        No, those would be the famous Schweddy Balls

    You know what I hate? "natch".

      Touché. Although at least "natch" has been in semi-popular usage since the 1950s. Compared to "amazeballs" it's positively Shakespearean.

      Hahah.. I used to hate it until Dwight said it on the office. That guy is just a natural trend setter I guess xD

    For a minute there I thought these would be unhealthy but then I noticed they contain fruit! yummm

    The other day I saw something very similar at Coles - They were called "Mini Apple Filled Donuts" or something of the sort. Much better name, and they were around $2 for 6

      "or something of the sort" such a good brand name you're not even sure you can remember it.

        It was Coles brand, from the bakery section. They don't have catchy product names for each item - they just describe it.

        They were mini donuts filled with apple. The specific order of those words is just semantics.

          I'm just pointing out that from a marketing perspective it wasnt a much better name, I guarantee more people go to donut kind and ask for amazeballs than what go into coles and ask for apple filled donut ball thingys.

            I guess you have a point. Although the thought of actually asking somebody for "Amazeballs" is a bit weird.

              Yeah I'll give you that, I wont be ordering them, would be similar to going to the chemist to fill a viagara prescription.

    Apple and cinnamon in a donut ball?

    Amazeballs indeed

    I saw these on TV yesterday. It said something along the lines of"There's only one word possible to describe these" and my first thought was "Boobs."

    Disappointed they're not caramel-filled though. That would have really have been amazeballs....

      Glad i'm not the only person who thought it looked like a pair of boobs...

      Lol good I am not the only one who thought this too.

    i saw this the other day - i laughed but i did end up wanting to try one.
    wife said no and we walked on... :(

    woah... took them this long to make their own version of Dunkin Donut's munchkins? haha. and here i've been secretly bringing them into the country when im on holiday in NZ. mwahahaha

    Seems they are going out of their way to be obnoxious, and then awaiting the ever predictable public outcry to generate publicity for them.

    Emulates Perez Hilton insomuch, enjoyed briefly for a few seconds, and then quickly forgotten but without the same rotten, bitter core.

      yeah srsly what's that dude's appeal, i don't get it

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