How Adobe’s Creative Cloud Subscription Could Cost More In The Workplace

How Adobe’s Creative Cloud Subscription Could Cost More In The Workplace

Adobe’s switch to a monthly subscription model, branded Creative Cloud, for its main products has been controversial, with some individuals complaining about the cost. For IT pros, the issue is arguably even more pronounced.

A recent research note from Gartner analysts Gene Phifer, Tom Austin and John Rizzuto highlights the central issue: “Movement from perpetual to subscription license terms will cause some users of Creative Suite to see increases — in some cases, significant — in their yearly outlays to Adobe.”

The problem is more pronounced for occasional users. “Generally, large customers that upgrade often, customers that expand and contract their use of CS on a project-by-project basis, small groups that use Adobe creative applications regularly or organisations that use a broader set of employees, and need only limited capabilities in the creative process will benefit from the subscription model. However, organisations that are light to moderate users of Adobe’s CS and tend to skip upgrades may find themselves paying more for CC.”

As with any licensing deal, the devil is often in the details. Enterprise pricing for Creative Cloud is negotiable, and even in smaller sites the offer of discounts for the first year of signup could tip the balance. Adobe is not about to revert its decision to stop pure desktop development with Creative Suite 6, so if you really don’t want the subscription option, it’s time to actively hunt alternatives.


  • Why does Adobe assume we all want to share our ideas with the cloud and this cloud will bring us new creative imaginings??? I know my workplace is looking for alternatives as we upgrade less often than most so I think we will be sticking until the bitter end with CS5

    • If you mean sharing your portfolio ‘in the cloud’ via Behance, that’s entirely up to you.
      If you are concerned about the cloud storage that comes with the subscription, remember that it’s optional as well.
      All files store locally, as ever.

  • What happens to created content after the subscription runs out/lapses?
    With Captivate, content created actually expires after the trial period expires.

    • I’m pretty sure your content and settings are all saved on the cloud semi-indefinitely but you will always own the rights to your work. Usually you would save your projects locally anyway incase the cloud malfunctions.

      • If you cancel or lapse the subscription, your cloud files are retained for only 90 days.
        (You of course keep your local files forever, as you wish).
        If you have less than 2gigs stored in cloud, you will be able to continue to synch using the free membership. If you have more than 2 gigs in cloud, the synch function won’t work.

      • Not quite to concern I have ad I’m talking about offline content created from these creative cloud tools.
        With Captivate trialware – let’s say your trial expires at the end of the July. So does your created content.
        I could publish training, a demo, or a walk-through to HTML5/SWF and host it on a website and on August 1, that content will no longer work and display an “trial expired” screen.

        I still have the original project files, so the idea of being able to spend $30, work on content for 30 days, and have that content last forever is appealing – but I wonder if that’s something adobe will allow – as opposed to having your published content check for an active licence.

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