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Quick straw poll - how many of us actually read the license agreement when we sign on to an online service or install a new app? I'll be honest, I almost never do. And the only times I have is in corporate environments where the lawyers have done it for me.

But this week, it has been revealed that genealogy company Ancestry has been offering DNA testing where they claim perpetual ownership of your DNA.


Making the decision to open source your code can be challenging enough without getting into the technicalities of which licence to publish your work under. That's where a site like Choose A License steps in, providing you with an easy way to determine the restrictions under which your code can be used, modified and distributed.


Dear Lifehacker, I'm often annoyed at software licence agreements that are many pages long and asking me to agree to complex terms and conditions. So I'm wondering: how could they prove I clicked 'Agree' anyway? What's to stop me saying "I was going to read your agreement, but my cat stepped on the enter key and agreed to it, so feel free to sue my cat"?