Build A LEGO Coin Sorter

Counting coins by hand is lame; LEGO sets are cool. It only seems natural that a LEGO coin sorter would be a great way to solve the problem.

The design is incredibly simple and sorts United States coins without any alteration, but it can be modified to work with any other currency. If you have some spare LEGO lying around (and who doesn't?), this design can help you count your money without spending money to do so.

LEGO Coin Sorter [Instructables]


    I would be more impressed if it would auto feed the coins from a hopper.

      i would be more impressed if this worked for australian currency...

        The 50c piece would struggle :)

    I would be more impressed if people weren't fo F*@#ng dumb... It would be easy to make this work with Australian currency if you think about it for about 5 seconds.

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