Briefly: Get Carmageddon Free, Blackberry Kills Playbook BB10 Update, RoboCup Soccer

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: get Carmageddon free, Blackberry kills Playbook BB10 update, the craziest parkour video you'll see all day.

  • To celebrate its 16th birthday (are we really that old?) the tabloid-baiting video game Carmageddon is currently free to download on Android and iPhone.
  • LogMeIn has released a new version of its flagship mobile remote support and customer care app, LogMeIn Rescue. The new version sports a redesigned interface and remote support. Visit LogMeIn's website for more information.
  • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins told investors today that the company will not be bringing a Blackberry 10 OS update to its PlayBook tablet, reports TNW. “Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the level of performance and user experience,” Heins said. “I made the difficult decision to stop these efforts and focus on our core hardware portfolio.”
  • Remember the skyscraper-leaping video game Mirror's Edge? An insane parkour enthusiast has recreated the game in real life. Watch the video here.
  • RoboCup is the miniaturised autonomous robot version of the World Cup — and its human coaches get just as worked up at their players as the real thing. Watch the passion fly here.


    Carmageddon isn't free for iPhone (anymore?), its $4.49 on the iTunes store

      Same with Android I think, though I downloaded it when it first became available a few months ago and it was free for the fist day or so then.

      Last edited 02/07/13 12:02 am

    Hi guys, the deal was still active when the article went live -- looks like they pulled it an hour or so later.

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