Ask LH: How Can I Stop Snoring?

Dear Lifehacker. My partner complains that she cannot sleep well because I snore. Can you suggest some remedies or an anti-snore product? Please save our relationship! Thanks, Snore Point

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Dear SP,

There are countless theories about what causes relationships to break down, ranging from over generosity to a lack of communication. But snoring is the invisible, excessively noisy elephant in the room.

Once upon a time, I too was forced to endure a nightly aural assault from my spouse’s mouth and nostrils. A glass of wine before bed turned out to be the culprit and I’ve been sleeping better since she cut back on the claret. If you’re partial to the odd nightcap, abstaining could help end your wife’s misery. (You can read more about the effects of alcohol on snoring here.)

There are many other factors that can cause people to snore and each have their own specific solutions. Improving your diet, getting more exercise and maintaining good sleeping posture via the right mattress and pillow are just a few methods that may help to eliminate your condition. For a more detailed selection of tips, check out our anti-snoring and insomnia guide. Some of the advice in our Better Sleeping post is also applicable to snorers.

You could also try tracking your snoring habits with a phone app like Snorelab. This is essentially a snore recording tool that presents you with a graph each morning that shows the intensity of your snoring as the night dragged on. You’ll see when you snored the most, when you were the quietest, and how long it took you to fall asleep. The app also records snore samples that you can play back if you visit a sleep specialist. You can check out a list of our favourite sleep-tracking tools here.

Using one of the above apps, you can trial different snoring remedies and see which ones are the most effective. As a last resort, there’s always nose strips.

If any readers have a fail-safe snore remedy of their own, let SP know in the comments section below.


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