Luggage-Free: The Power Problem

Luggage-Free: The Power Problem

It’s the final day of the Luggage-Free challenge, and I’ve hit Adelaide. This video highlights a common problem I’ve experienced: a lack of power outlets near the bed.  

On Monday, I’ll have my conclusions from the project — and yes, that’s a post so lengthy I do want to write it on a regular PC!


  • As a user of a CPAP machine, the best tool in my kit for charging my phone and my machine is a 4 outlet power board. I know the assignment is luggage free, but this is impossible for me, but I can travel light.

  • Hear hear… I often have trouble charging in suitable locations when travelling – you either have your gear somewhere on the other side of the room or unplug things (and the hotels don’t like that!)

  • With the no luggage a real prob. Often take flat two double adapter and short flat piggyback plugged extension cord. Also take portable 12000mAh USB power pack for iDevices.

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