Luggage-Free: Why 4G Matters

There are contexts where 4G speed is nice to have, and contexts where it is essential. The Luggage-Free experiment definitely falls into the latter camp.

I've been lucky to have a borrowed Telstra 4G SIM while I've been roaming the country. Where the difference has been really obvious is in uploading videos. That has been a slow process when using Wi-Fi (as I had to in New Zealand), but much faster on 4G. No exaggeration: one video went up so quickly I thought the upload page status was in error.

In most other contexts, 3G is ample; after all, my day job mostly involves dealing with text. But speed on the network plus speed on the Z10 is a nice combo.


    I'm going to agree, 4G can be pretty dang awesome. Also, compared to previously being on Vodafone 3G? The difference is amazing.

    I became tired of arguing it to people on the Nexus 4 pages, people saying LTE is not essential to have in a phone. LTE is a very important thing to consider for your next 24 months of use.

    If you only plan to stay in your 9 to 5 sure, 3G might be enough. But if you have any plans then it's better to choose it from the outset. Google really messed up not giving LTE on their devices.

    This is what I got on Vodafone 4G

    103554kbps down and 45109 kbps up. 500Mb video, uploaded in a few minutes.

    4G is amazing, just wish it wasn't so dang expensive!

    I work from home, and my ADSL1 is congested to the point it is unusable. With roof mounted antennas, I am able to get Telstra 4G coverage (even though I am outside their coverage area).
    The positive is I get up to 40Mbps/5Mbps on 4G, the negative is I spend $320 a month on multiple 4G plans with Telstra, just to get enough quota ($320 per month for 2x25GB plans).

      Ouch dude. So glad I bought my house that was Cable Ready. 200gb $79/month.

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