Luggage-Free: Charged But Challenged

Luggage-Free: Charged But Challenged

Two days in, I haven’t experienced any showstopping issues on the Luggage-Free journey, beyond a mild Wi-Fi shortage in Auckland. But equally I haven’t yet developed a working rhythm that makes me think working solely on my phone  would be completely  sustainable in the long term.

One problem I haven’t faced is running out of power. Both flights have offered up a USB port, so I’ve been able to work in the air and not drop any charge. So far, that hasn’t fallen below 50 per cent.

What has been more difficult is typing. I always knew transitioning to a touch interface would slow me down. It’s not that I don’t like the predictive options the Z10 offers; I can certainly push out more words than when I’ve experimented with iOS or the various Android keyboards. There’s an undeniable joy when the system picks the next word you want to type ahead of time — but that doesn’t happen all the time.

Time may well be what I need — the more you type, the better the predictions  get. Two days in, I can now type Luggage-Free in three strokes. Let’s see where I land at the end of the week.

Random notes:

    • The bloke sitting next to me on the plane hid his laptop under a newspaper so he wouldn’t be asked by a flight attendant to put it away.
    • My hotel has a dryer and I’m so going to use it.

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