Dinner Deal: Get A Hungry Jack’s ‘Big Cheese’ Burger For $1

If you missed our lunchtime post here's another heads-up about today's Hungry Jack's deal — until 11:59pm tonight, you can snap up a Big Cheese Burger for the absurdly low price of $1. In other words, you can feed the whole family for around $5.

The Big Cheese comes with two slices of cheese, a beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onion and mayo. There’s also a BBQ version available which eschews the mustard and ketchup for BBQ sauce. (Read our original Big Cheese post for an overview of the size, taste and kj count.)


    Sure you can feed the whole family for $5, so long as its just you and 1 other person

    Sounds like a great idea and tasted OK... 3-5 family members don't feel to good after theses Burgers...
    Wats in these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My breakfast was real food, Carrot, Kale, Avocado, Radish, Banana, Tomatoes and assorted Mushrooms and now organic coffee. ...and I don't have to invest in steel reinforced chairs to take my weight.

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :D
      Sarcasm aside, Chris was just letting everyone know about a good deal happening at the moment. Nowhere did he say "YOU SHOULD EAT AT LEAST FIVE OF THESE A DAY BECUSE THEY ARE SO CHEAP".
      Your pretentious comment describing what you had for breakfast isn't really warranted. I think you'd do well using some kind of Instagram-like app where you describe your meal instead of taking a photo of it though.

      Last edited 02/05/13 11:23 am

      You might want to invest in a personality though.

      would you like a medal?
      eating what you are, doesnt mean your healthy

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