The Fun, Nautical Workspace

Today's featured workspace is a cheery space with a nautical theme for a crew of four. It belongs to design studio Pacific Helm, whose motto is "real artists ship". This is where the team's creativity ships from.

It's a tight space — just 14sqm — but it doesn't look cramped, thanks to the open layout. The bright ocean graphics and colourful toys give this workspace more character than your average small office. The company advises "Don't be afraid to be relentlessly fun in your office space!" on Apartment Therapy, where you can take a full workspace tour.

Ahoy! Pacific Helm's Happy Modern Office [Apartment Therapy]


    This is just my opinion, but to me - colours and shapes etc etc being 'fun' is about as correct as sugar cereals being 'fun'.. They might be delicious, or they might look colourful.. But they aren't fun.

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