Build An Arduino-Powered Music Player That Automatically Plays Everyone's Favourite Songs

Throwing a party is all about preparation, and while you might want to take on the role of DJ for the night, not everyone is going to appreciate your music choices. If you want to give people more options without forcing a playlist, Instructables user LifegraphLabs shows off a system that uses RFID, an Arduino and Facebook to play everyone's favourites songs.

The system here requires a computer, an internet connection, an Arduino, an RFID reader shield, a WiFly module, an RFID device, and friends who have Facebook accounts where they've liked bands. Once you set it all up, you'll hand out RFID cards to friends, and link them to their Facebook account. When they "tap in" to the system, the music they like automatically gets added to the playlist queue. Essentially, once you finish the initial setup, you'll have an automated system that plays everyone's favourite music when they walk into the room. If you want to say goodbye to boring old playlists forever, head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Music Party - Facebook-Connected, Arduino-Powered Audio Experience [Instructables]


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