Hack A Door To Open Via RFID

If your home or office has unique security challenges or you just want the geek cred you assemble a system to open a door via an RFID signal. At around $US100 the parts aren't expensive, but in addition to basic electronics skills you'll need familiarity with Arduino Uno boards and access to a laser cutter.

MIT Researcher Valentin Heun created the RFID door opener as he was annoyed that he needed both his MIT ID card and a key to gain access to the MIT Media Lab. With this system his RFID-embedded ID card is read by an RFID evaluation shield connected to an Arduino Uno board. His RFID code is approved and a servo opens the door. A laser cut mounting board allows the servo and RFID evaluation shield to be attached to the door's handle and deadbolt.

See Valentine's site below for a ZIP file containing a full parts list, instructions and the template for the laser-cut mounting board.

Door [via Make]


    Or you could just buy a fully assembled one for the same prince with out the ugliness.

      Yes. But what prince?

        Typically I find royalty have sufficient personnel that they need not worry about locking doors anyway.

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