10 Common Technology Time Savers You Might Not Know

10 Common Technology Time Savers You Might Not Know

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve groaned after learning the simplest of technology-related time savers — say, auto-resizing columns in Windows. In this TED video, CBS’ David Pogue covers ten similar shortcuts to speed up your daily computer and gadget interactions.

I think a majority of tech-savvy users will know about pressing Tab to shift between box on web forms (or any form, really), or typing letters into combo / drop-down boxes to quickly jump to certain options. But I had to suppress a facepalm when Pogue mentions using space bar to “scroll” down a page and Shift + spacebar to go back up. It’s sure going to be hard giving up the mouse wheel / trackpad / down arrow.

I’m not so sure about the “skip to the beep” tip, which only covers US carriers, but hopefully there are equivalents for local providers — be sure to comment if you know any.

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips [TED, via Reddit]


  • “You’re supposed to learn by osmosis”.. Computer classes are at pretty much every school in the first world, for a long time now. I started being taught to use a PC in year 5 😛

    A lot of these tips are really outdated too, seems like an IT seminar for over 50’s, but still from 5-10 years ago..

    • Spacebar is effectively page down – it’ll skip to the next portion of the screen. The scrollbar is a lot finer in it’s control, good for scrolling just a few lines, however I can vouch that for scrolling any more than a page, spacebar works much better. Even if you can do it just as fast with a scroll wheel, the spacebar is much easier and saves your scrolling finger a lot of work.

      That said, if scrolling works for you – each to his own! Everyone has their own ways of doing things, having different options available is always a good thing.

      • It seems like a tenuous advantage at best. It’s not like the page up/down keys are particularly far away, and while I’ve tried both, I feel like I’ve got better control over rapid presses of the paging keys than I do with the space bar. Maybe because you hit the paging keys with your fingers instead of the side of your thumb.

  • Spacebar will also pause/play most media players, as long as they are the active app in Windows.
    Ctrl & Mousewheel scroll will zoom in/out of webpages. Ctrl 0 to reset the focus.
    As for the shutter lag, doesn’t work with all cameras, so set it to video and you can always use an app like Video 2 Photo to pluck out the image you want.

    And for grouping apps in IOS, I stick it into ‘edit’ mode, put the group boxes on the task bar, and then scroll through the screens, dragging and dropping the apps into the appropriate group boxes (Photography, Fitness, Games, etc) . Seems obvious to me, but someone might find it useful.

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