Tame Windows Explorer's Uneven Columns With This Keyboard Shortcut

One major annoyance I discovered with Windows Vista was making the Details folder view stick. Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to fix with a registry hack and Windows 7 appears to have addressed the problem entirely. Something I've never been able to handle smoothly with the Details view is that, more often than not, directory and file names will be obscured by columns of insufficient width.

I've always manually adjusted the width, so you can imagine my face-palm moment when I discovered you can do it automatically with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Select a file or folder in Explorer view of choice and hit Ctrl-Plus. That's all there is to it. Note, this only works with the Numpad Plus, so notebook users will need to employ the help of the Function (Fn) key, or whatever method you use to enable the secondary numpad abilities of your keyboard.

Much more handy a shortcut than F11, which switches Windows Explorer from windowed to full-screen, but I'm sure I'll find a use for that someday...

Resize Windows Explorer Columns With A Hotkey [GHacks, via AddictiveTips]


    You can also double-click the divider between the column you want to expand and the column to the right.

    Even better for those who eschew keyboards.....Right Click on the column name and you get TWO resizing options:-
    >Size Column to Fit
    >Size All Column to Fit

    Works Well!!

    I mapped this shortcut to a button on my Razer mouse, and I use it about 80x a day, helps so much for remote support, certainly lowers the frustration when using other peoples' Exploerer windows.

    *facepalm* I've needed something like this for a while!

    Will definitely be using this pretty often. Now: is there a shortcut to compress all colums to the size of the window?

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