Unibuzz App Organises Your Tertiary Education

The Co-Op Bookshop has released an app designed specifically for university students that synchronises social media as well as personal and study appointments. So you can both get drunk and hand that assignment in on time.

It shouldn't be a shock to note that the app also includes a Co-Op Bookstore locator facility, as well as social media functions for creating public and private groups for study and relaxation alike. The Co-Op's release for the app notes that this was specifically so that Uni students didn't have to become Facebook friends in order to share ideas with others doing their course. It's an iPhone app for the moment; no word on whether it will also expand to Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry in due course. Unibuzz [iTunes]


    Android :(

      Exactly. Who's going to use this if iPhone users can't interact with android users (who make up 50% of the market)? Nobody.

      Last edited 06/03/13 4:17 pm

        To which I might add that not every single uni student uses a mac / iphone, despite what the marketing people might have you believe.

        Before I went to uni I thought it would be mostly macs, now I'm there I can see they make up about 40%.

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