Express Plus Is A Centrelink App For Students

iOS: If you're studying and receive a Centrelink allowance such as Austudy, Express Plus could be useful: it lets you track your payments, lodge details of variations in your other income, and update other information such as your study program or address.

Express Plus works for recipients of Austudy, Abstudy, Youth Allowance, and the Pensioner Education Supplement. To stop anyone else messing with your details, you need to define a four-digit pin specifically for the app. You can perform the same tasks over the phone or online, but if you're an iPhone user, it's a potentially handy tool.

Express Plus is a free download for iOS devices.

Express Plus [iTunes App Store]


    wish they had this 3 years ago when i started uni anything they kept me from going into center-link was a bonus back then, not because of the long waits, screaming children or bogans but because without fail you were treated like a dole bludging system leech, despite the full time uni study and part time job

    So only for Apple again. There are more Android devices out there then Apple so why do they behave like Android is second class?

      Duh! Because all dole bludgers and single mum's have iPhones (somehow)

        isnt that the truth i know people who struggled through uni with a phone akin to a 3315 whilst every other bogan in centerlink had 6 kids and all of them had iphones

          "all the dole bludgers and single mum's have iPhones (somehow)"

          Ironic then, that this app is aimed at STUDENTS (many of whom have neither landlines nor home internet), not the unemployed or pension recipients.

          For the record, I'm both a single mum and a full-time university student, with a casual job and am a regular volunteer. I wouldn't be caught dead with an iphone.

            I apologize if I have offended you, Simone. It sounds like you are trying to do something with your life, and setting a good example for your children too. Good on you.

            I intended for my comment to be more tongue-in-cheek, though reading it now I realise it comes across quite harshly. For the battling students out there, trying to scrape up what little cash they can to barely afford the rent while getting an education, I've been there and done that too (with less support in my time) and honestly feel for you.

            However I am aware of far too many young individuals out there on so-called "Youth allowance" for the sole purpose of bludging. They have far fewer requirements that need to be met to continue receiving their payment (as opposed to Newstart where you do have to put in an affort, albeit very little in some circumstances). Where they come from a household of welfare, they're automatically eligibile for their nice fortnightly Government allowance from a young age... They have such a narrow mindset that to them it's just "free money".

            I hope someday that the system receives a much needed overhaul, so that assistance can be made available to those genuinely in need but bludgers (especially kiddies) are locked out. Guess I'm dreaming there, though...

            *Gets off soapbox and stops whinging*

    Just because you are on the dole does not make you a bludger. And remember, rich people are just poor people with money.

      So true Frank i'm one of those apparent dole bludging students even though i have been working since i left highschool. And a change of careers due to logistic.

      Also to the people who want to call us all dole bludgers, try living on $200 a fortnight then pay for rent,food,utilities, petrol/ or public transport? And please don't tell me i can just go and get a job on the weekend most, companies wont take someone who can only work 2 days a week and most people aren't willing to give up what little free time they have on weekends to work.

      Basically think before you speak and try and live like the so called bludgers do for a couple of months before you make judgements on anyones lifestyle.

      I'm one of them ;) (not a dole bludger, just save all my income)

    I think this app has only come about due to so many asking for one in their "speachbubble blog" which was held in June by memory. It asked things like what do u think of the Phone system, online services etc as they launch the new portal. I would think another app is coming for android pretty soon.

    Er, hello, Android?

    If you check out their website for more info I'm pretty certain it mentions that they are developing the app for other phones... so thats a bonus- better soon than never at least. I'm keen to use the app- my friends are using it at the moment and say its awesome!

    and are ppl aware of what this app allows your phone to send back to centrelink.. read the permissions before accepting this app, it tracks your movements, and lets centrelink access private info on your ph. they can even take pics and video without your knowledge as explained in the fine print before you install.. be very wary ppl is all i am saying. its a big brother world as it stands now

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