Need A Google Reader Replacement? Quite RSS Could Be For You

Nothing will ever replace Google Reader once it passes into digital oblivion, but there are many, many alternatives to select from, so chances are there's something out there that will be good enough. Quite RSS, for example, replicates the look and feel of Google Reader, while also adding a few improvements of its own.

One thing to get out of the way is that it's a desktop app, not an online one. That said, it's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is based on the cross-platform UI framework Qt, which means you shouldn't have any problems running it.

As this story on Addictive Tips notes, the appearance is very similar to that of Google Reader — you can even open up stories in different tabs, replicating a browser-like environment. It also supports the import / export of feeds via OPML and a healthy number of shortcuts to change the layout or switch to full-screen.

I'm still using Google Reader for my feed-reading — and probably will until it gasps its last breath — but before it's retired, Quite RSS is one option I'll be seriously considering.

Quite RSS [Google Project Hosting via Addictive Tips]


    My biggest worry is apps which are essentially interfaces for Google Reader - personally, I'm a big fan of Byline. Are they all going to just stop when reader shuts down?

      Yep :( I love and live off Newsify for iOS.

    seriously. have we not had enough google reader replacement stories yet??


        oh, hello douchebag

        Last edited 03/04/13 10:10 am

          Ha! I disagree with you, I must be a douchebag.

          But seriously, I am in agreeance with our mate PaulBlanch just below, and until a reasonable solution is found, I'm definitely interested in hearing about more options and trying them out.

    I still havent found one yet.

    My biggest problem will be cross platform. IOS, Mac and Windows via a web browser that wont get blocked at work are what I need. Google really did a number on me by getting me addicted to Greader.

    I really like Quite RSS - I use the portable app (from and have it on a small USB stick which goes with me everywhere. It's a shame not being able to check my feeds without this drive nearby, but I don't really need to be able to do that anyway. *sigh* GReader, I already miss you...

    I’ve just found InoReader ( and I must say it’s a shame it's not mentioned anywhere. Compared to other readers it looks like a Swiss army knife. It also has a mobile version and is developed rapidly.

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