Songdrop Pulls Together All The Music You Find On The Web

Songdrop Pulls Together All The Music You Find On The Web

Finding great music on the internet is easy, but keeping all of it organised can be tough. You might have videos saved on YouTube, a playlist at SoundCloud or artists bookmarked at Bandcamp. Songdrop collects and organises them all for you.

Songdrop is often referred to as a Delicious for music, and that analogy isn’t too far off. Create a free account (or sign up via Facebook) and drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. From there, just click the bookmarklet to add any music you find and enjoy at YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr, VEVO or other music blogs right to your Songdrop collection.

You can organise your Songdrop tracks into mixes, or just use the service to keep track of the songs you’ve stumbled onto that you might want to buy, listen to later, or artists that you’d like to explore when you have time. There’s a social side to Songdrop as well: you can follow other users, explore their drops and find new music. Plus, all of the music at Songdrop is completely free, and you can listen to it at any time.

If you have a bookmarks folder full of musicians you want to check out later, give Songdrop a try.

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