Download Any SoundCloud MP3 With A Bookmarklet

Music-hosting service SoundCloud makes it easy to share your voice, music or any other audio with a few clicks. It's great, but sometimes you're desperate to actually download and save a track from SoundCloud. This handy bookmarklet, courtesy of github user pheuter, adds a Download MP3 link to any track on SoundCloud.

To install the bookmarklet, first drag and drop the link below to your browser's bookmark toolbar:


Right-click the bookmark and select Edit (Chrome) or Properties (Firefox). Copy and paste the text below into the URL field (Chrome) or Location field (Firefox):

javascript:(function(b){var a=b.createElement("a");a.innerText="Download MP3";a.href=""+b.querySelector("#main-content-inner img[class=waveform]").src.match(/\.com\/(.+)\_/)[1];"em").innerText+".mp3";b.querySelector(".primary").appendChild(a);"10px";"red";})(document);

Click Save and your SoundCloud bookmarklet is ready to roll. Next time you'd like to download any piece of audio from SoundCloud but downloading isn't enabled, just click your handy bookmarklet and a red Download MP3 link will magically appear in the player. Don't abuse it, and everyone wins.

Bookmarklet that generates download link for a Soundcloud upload [github]

(Apologies for the extra bookmarklet installation steps beyond just dragging and dropping — our publishing platform mungs up the code in bookmarklet links.)


    I've been using the 'view page source, copy streamurl' trick for ages... It's a wonder Soundcloud haven't blocked these kinds of workarounds.

      If the data somehow makes it to your computer, you can bet that there is a way to capture it. Most people will just not worry if the source is easy to access and use.

      If soundcloud added DRM in a style which tried to combat this, it would be harder for people to access the content and it would probably destroy their popularity. It wouldn't stop anyone from ripping the media out, only make it a bit more cumbersome.

      ive been using the:
      Open in safari->command option A-> option double click mp3.

    Nice! This makes it much easier than jdownloading.. and finding where the jdownloader is because i cant work out where the hell the start jdownloader on startup is and i feel like an idiot while typing this because thats EXACTLY what the startup folder was made for....

    Bookmarkletly download all my music for free!


    Yeah but it rips the stream version and not the uploaded version, so expect 128k bitrate.

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