Optus Taking BlackBerry Z10 Pre-Orders

Optus Taking BlackBerry Z10 Pre-Orders

The BlackBerry Z10 isn’t officially launching in Australia until the week after next, but Optus has already started accepting pre-orders for the handset, with deliveries to commence from March 25.

Optus’ order page reminds us that, unlike previous BlackBerry devices, you don’t need a specific BIS plan. That gives you a wider choice of potential carriers (and the ability to grey import the device if you like), but does mean you don’t get unlimited email and browsing, which was the case with earlier BlackBerry plans.

That’s a relevant consideration if you go with Optus’ cheaper plans, which have fairly measly data inclusions. Here are the plans on offer (all with 24-month contracts):

Plan cost Data Handset charge Total cost
$30 200MB $18 $1152
$35 200MB $17 $1248
$50 1000MB $10 $1440
$60 1500MB $6 $1584
$80 2000MB $2 $1968
$100 3000MB $0 $2400
$130 4000MB $0 $3120

Telstra will also be selling the Z10, but hasn’t announced pricing; Vodafone isn’t offering it locally.


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