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BlackBerry’s unconventional new smartphone -- the keyboard-equipped, square-screened Passport -- has just launched on the Optus network in Australia. The device is available on a range of 24-month plans and can also be purchased outright. Here's a look at the pricing and specifications.


This week's BlackBerry Jam Asia developer event in Hong Kong represents BlackBerry's first major public event since it announced its plan to go private and focus largely on enterprise apps. Asian developers have been more receptive to BlackBerry than many Western countries, but the focus appears to be heavily on gaming, social networking and broad consumer apps. Does that path have any real future now?


BlackBerry Z10 smartphone owners in Australia can now download the latest operating system update; BlackBerry 10.1. The updated OS ushers in a raft of new features including improved cursor control, new Blackberry Hub tools and a high-dynamic-range camera mode.


BlackBerry has announced a raft of new products and services for its business-centric platform, including an OS update for Z10 users and a new BlackBerry smartphone that packs a familiar QWERTY keyboard. Here's a recap of what Blackberry 10.1 offers along with what we know about the new phone.


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is often treated as an inevitability. But are Australian companies really embracing the concept? And does the tendency for senior managers to be the first to demand it mean we actually get fewer useful apps in a BYOD environment?


The BlackBerry Z10 isn't officially launching in Australia until the week after next, but Optus has already started accepting pre-orders for the handset, with deliveries to commence from March 25.


We won't see the first BlackBerry 10 handsets, the touch-only Z10 and the keyboard-enabled Q10, in Australia until some time in March. However, BlackBerry has already begun planning for future devices and enhancements to the BB10 platform. Here's a glimpse at what it has in store, including the next models, when WhatsApp will arrive and whether Android support on the platform matters.


With so much emphasis on the new virtual keyboard in the BlackBerry 10 operating system, it wasn't clear whether Research In Motion (RIM) was giving up altogether on its highly-regarded physical keyboards. The company's CEO has told reporters that there will indeed be devices running on BlackBerry 10 that use physical keyboards, but there are still unanswered questions.