Open Stubborn Jar Lids With Duct Tape

We've shown you some foolproof ways to open a stuck jar lid before, but if you have duct tape around, this method is probably one of the quickest. Just stick the duct tape to the lid and pull on the tape to twist the lid.

The video above shows you how to make this work. You have to leave yourself enough extra tape to act as a pull-handle when you put it on the lid. Then, you simply pull on the tape to twist the lid off. As long as the glue holds, you can tighten that lid back up as much as you want. If you need a step-by-step guide, or you just don't believe your eyes, hit the link below for more details.

Open Hard to Remove Lids with Duct Tape [Instructables]


    or you could just use a clean damp tea towel to get additional grip and open the jar lid! instead of wasting duct tape.

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