The Best Ways To Open A Stubborn Jar Lid

We each have our own favourite method for opening a stubborn jar lid. The folks at America's Test Kitchen have a great selection of tips that will open any stubborn lid if your preferred way doesn't work.

We've discussed several of these before, from the rubber band method to plastic wrap or hot water. One tip I always seem to forget is to put plastic wrap over the opening to make it easier to dislodge next time. The best thing about these suggestions is that they all work without requiring you to buy a special gadget to do the job.

How to Open a Stubborn Jar Lid [America's Test Kitchen]


    Easiest way I find is to put a knife (or other thin object) under the lip of the lid, then twist to pop the seal. Once the seal is broken jars are easy to open.

      I agree, that is usually my go to method. Be careful not to crack the glass though.

    I use a spoon under the jar lid. Grip handle, place spoon tip under the lid edge and prop convex part of the spoon against bottle neck. Gently apply pressure. The little bit of leverage from the spoon helps release the vacuum seal. Has never failed.

    If it's glass, hold the jar out at shoulder length over a hard surface, preferably a tiled floor.
    Open your hand, the jar will open by itself.

    that cling wrap looks thicker than what we have here
    weird thing to notice I know

    i usually get a knife, stab the seal then its too easy.

    If you don't need to use the jar again, use a sharp tip knife and poke a little hole in the middle of the jar lid. This will release the pressure and should come off easy.

    i find that turning the jar upside down and giving the bottom a few good whacks tends to release the air pockets and wolla! an open jar.

    I usually go with the rubber band wrapped around the lid - works a treat for me.

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