Launch Center Pro Adds More Shortcuts For Faster Messaging And Sharing

iOS: Previously mentioned Launch Center Pro offers speedy shortcuts for specific apps, such as composing a text to a friend or creating a note with Clipboard data. The latest update brings heaps of new features, including messaging actions, better text expansion support and photo tweeting.

Launch Center Pro centres around the Action Composer, or the tool you use to create little single-tap shortcuts to carry out tasks quickly. It has been reorganised in the most recent update, so components are easier to find.

This update also offers full clipboard integration, so you can use text in the clipboard to carry out a variety of actions. Despite Apple's limitations on third-party developers, Launch Center Pro continues to offer one of the more creative ways to work around them and offer a faster way to get things done on your iDevice.

Launch Center Pro ($2.99) [iTunes App Store via MacRumors]


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