How To Prevent Accidental Spending On In-App Purchases On Your iPhone

We've explained before how to switch off in-app purchases on the iPhone, but with the recent news of a news of a 5-year-old who managed to spend $2,500 in 15 minutes, it's worth a reminder. In-app purchases can be a terrible money sink, but they're fairly easy to control.

Turning off in-app purchases is simple:

  1. Head into Settings > General > Restrictions, and hit "Enable Restrictions".
  2. Enter your passcode and scroll down to "Allowed Content".
  3. Toggle "In-App Purchases" to "off".

Check our original post for more tips on controlling in-app purchases.


    Another option is to remove your credit card from your Apple account, since you no longer have to have a card. Stick a gift card on there for credit, they're often on sale anyway like $30 for two $20 cards or buy two get one free. That way you can still buy things but when the prepaid credit runs out it stops.

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