How To Export Your Google Reader Account

With the news that Google is killing off Reader, dedicated Reader enthusiasts will want to make a copy of their existing subscriptions so they can use them once they pick an alternative. Here's what to do.

Exporting your Reader feed is relatively straightforward thanks to Google's Takeout service. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to (If you're not already signed in to your Google account, it may ask you to do so.)
  • Click on 'Choose services', then click on Reader.
  • Google will begin preparing an archive; wait until it displays a 100% message.
  • Click on 'Create Archive'.
  • Once the archive is created, you can download it as a zip file by clicking on 'Download'.
  • You'll be asked to verify your password before the download begins.

That archive (which consists of a set of XML and json files) can be used by a range of Reader alternatives, so it's definitely worth having. Not all readers will use all features (such as stars), but almost anything will be able to read the basis subscription XML.


    Any chance of getting a brief list of suggested Reader alternatives? I know there are hojillions, but I'm lazy.

    Actually not sure if I want to use a Google service to do this.

    Is there an alternative service that syncs across most mobile platforms?

    I rolled my own version of Google Reader a year or so ago when the social features were removed. The only feature I haven't implemented is the API.

    Sadly I've never been able to find decent hosting for it (it's ASP.NET with a SQL DB). If anyone wants to take a look, it's located at

    How do I import my Google reader feeds into the new alternates? When I click on the link for the separate guide it keeps bringing me back to the instructions on how to export the feed, which I have already done

    Google Reader alternative? Try Skimr -

    I use Keeps me up to date and has stuff worthy of reading.

    Haven't tried this yet, but does the Takeout service allow us to preserve the downloaded content of our feeds, or does it just capture the subscription information?

    If you are looking for a alternative, have a look at http://Totally.Me which shows all your new headlines (RSS) and social media updates into one experience! - that's all you need. Automatic transition from Google Reader.

    Is there any way to back-up the feed items cached in Google Reader? Literally dozens of the blogs I follow in Google Reader have been deleted, and the cache Reader holds of their content contains the only copies that I am aware exist. I'd also like to retain access to a few posts that have been deleted from still-active blogs... Any advice?

    Has anyone manually backed up this data with a userscript, or by capturing JSON data with a browser addon? If anyone is working on a script to do this, and needs a bit of help, I'd be happy to contribute my time, and rusty ECMAScript / Web Dev skills.

    I really don't want to lose any of the insightful things I've read over the years! :(

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