Reader Is Dead Pulls Out All The Google Reader Data That Takeout Won't

We've shown you how to get your Google Reader data now that the service is dead, but it doesn't give you all the data you may want. If you really want to sweep up all that information, Reader is Dead is a tool that helps you do just that.

With Reader is Dead, you get not only an archive of your feeds, you also get your read, starred, tagged and shared items, as well as any comments, read messages, and even preferences. The archive process takes a while, and it can get up to a few gigabytes of data, so grab a cup of coffee before you let it run. You have until July 15 to grab your data from Google.

Reader Is Dead


    The script seems to fail at present, and according to the issues on Github the author has said the error is caused by Google Reader being no longer available.

    So I am not sure how this can be used until the 15th of July?

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