Facebook Makes The Timeline Single-Column

Facebook updated its news feed last week with a much simpler design, and now it has updated individual timelines as well. The new look is an easy-to-read single-column layout, with boxes on the side for all your liked pages.

The timeline is much more straightforward than the alternating two-column view, but the biggest change comes with the boxes on the side of your profile. Now your friends can see the movies you've liked, books you've read, Instagram photos and more. You can like and comment on each individual book or movie right from the timeline too, which is a pretty cool addition. The new timeline is going to roll out over the coming weeks, so if you don't have it yet, keep an eye out.

Improvements to Timeline [Facebook Newsroom]


    Ah, so it's actually a readable timeline now. Finally, an improvement that fixes the previous mistake.

    Man, I'm getting sick of Facebook changing all the time. How good would it be if, like, google or someone made a replacement. I bet everyone would change straight away.

    Is it just me or does the new layout look more like Friendcasters template? Now that's a Facebook style worth using.

      It looks more like Google+, which Facebook could possibly be seeing as direct competition and in some years to come, will see them doing an Apple and doing whatever it takes to remain the top dog.

      MySpace redesign anyone?

    This looks much, much, much better than the earlier clusterfuck.

    This is precisely what they moved away from in the first place. Before timeline, everything was in one column and everything was in a nice orderly fashion. What suprises me is how long it took for them to realise what they had at the start was good already.

    Last edited 14/03/13 5:04 pm

    oh thank god! i hate the timeline that it is now. the old way (and the new way now lol) is much better and easier to read!

    I still haven't even been able to test the news feed update yet. But this timeline update is definitely welcome.

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