Clear Badges Extinguishes Annoying App Badges Instantly

Clear Badges Extinguishes Annoying App Badges Instantly

iOS (jailbreak): The numbered badges that pop up when an iPhone app sends you a notification can be helpful, but when you have 20 different apps with badges popping up everywhere it quickly becomes annoying. If you want to remove those badges in one swoop, Clear Badges is a tweak that works with SB Settings

Clear Badges works in two different ways. If you want to just remove the badge from one app icon, long-hold the icon to enter jiggle mode and tap the icon twice. That removes the badge, which is especially helpful if you have an app update in the iTunes App Store you don’t want to run and you hate seeing the badge taunting you. If you need to do a mass cleansing, you can add a toggle to SB Settings or a special Activator action to instantly hide all badges.

If app badges annoy you, but you still need to keep them enabled sometimes, Clear Badges is an essential utility.

Clear Badges (free) [Big Boss Repository via Addictive Tips]

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