Boost Your Likeability At Work With Minor Behavioural Adjustments

Boost Your Likeability At Work With Minor Behavioural Adjustments

A good worker is defined by more than his or her quality of work — interactions with others is also important. If you want to improve relationships with your coworkers, a few minor changes to your behaviour can make all the difference.

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US News spoke with marriage and parenting researcher John Gottman to learn how our various actions affect our relationships with others in the workplace. Gottman explained that every behaviour in a human interaction is a moving towards, neutral or moving away behaviour, and that we need to heavily minimise our “moving away” behaviour because only one negative action can outweigh approximately five positive ones.

More specifically, Gottman suggested the avoidance of frustrated sighing, averting eyes when walking by someone’s cubicle or desk, diminishing statements (“sure, that could work, but…”), and negative body language. Instead, positive body language, asking how a project (or other work) turned out and offering to help make you a positive force in the office.

Of course, this is often easier said than done. Sometimes coworkers will frustrate you, or you’ll simply be in a bad mood. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you avoid the negative behaviours and implement positive ones to better your status at the office.

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  • This seems so fake… it’s like a checklist for being dull and uninteresting, like cues for extras doing an office scene.

    Just troll your coworkers lightheartedly, they may be miffed at first, but they’ll enjoy fighting back when they get the hang of it 🙂

  • Well yes, there’s more to getting ahead than just turning up to work on time and making sure you don’t have b.o. If you’re new to the world of work, just keep your ears peeled and see how your co-workers talk about others. If worker a is seen as a loud mouth slacker, don’t emulate that person. If worker b is seen as friendly and efficient, see what they do, and the difference between a and b. and realise its probably different in each workplace

    No-one likes being overloaded with work. Most people appreciate someone offering a solution rather than a problem.

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