What Do You Use Your Tablet For?

Tablets are appearing in a lot more living rooms and offices these days, but it still seems like people are trying to figure out exactly what they're good for. So, we want to know: what do you use your tablet for?

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We've talked about plenty of unusual things to do with a tablet, including, recycling old tablets, how to use a tablet as a second monitor, and why tablets are great productivity tools. Research suggests that despite the potential, browsing and email still dominate. But everyone varies, so we want to know: what do you use your tablet for?


    Watching Foxtel on Foxtel Go... That is about all, I use the iPad Mini for. Plus backup Internet access for when my phone's battery dies.

    Mostly Email, e-books and surfing the web at work (our work interwebs is locked down nice and tight) I do hav a few games installed but rarely use them.

    Usually just for social/media consumption. What I REALLY want is something that has a slick browser and works effortlessly as a note-taking tool and email workhorse. Waiting for that magical unicorn to appear.

    i use the samsung galaxy tab 7.7 (32gb ICS), i feel its the perfect size for mobility with enough screen to take on any task.
    i mainly use it for emails, video, apps and as an e-reader/document editor. Perfect for uni.

    A bit of everything - email, social media, reading and lately, as an actual productivity tool using citrix. On the odd occasion ive been without my laptop, the citrix receiver app works really well when i have needed to send documents or check accounts. using my iphone as a bluetooth trackpad was probably the best trick i learned in this respect

    Casual Internet browsing plus the presentations I have I have to do for work...

    I Have an ASUS Transformer, in which i do everything such as uni notes, web browsing, watching youtube/ movies etc...

    I use my Nexus 7 for email, social media, web browsing, checking my RSS feeds, and shopping. Importantly, I get to do all this without having to turn on my laptop when I get home (also, I get to do this from the comfort of my sofa in front of the TV). These days I turn my personal laptop on only when I need to do something complex or when I need to create/edit content.

    Primarily reading and annotating articles and lecture slides for uni, and taking notes during classes. Also some casual gaming, receiving updates via social media, a backup for composing emails if I can't get to a PC, and occasional movie or TV watching - particularly if I'm sick in bed.

      How do you annotate the lecture slides, what app do you use?

        Save them as a pdf into Dropbox or Google Drive, then use Adobe Reader app, which supports annotations and highlighting - and is free.

        use iAnnotate. I think the app is $16, but it's well worth it. You can even take photos and paste them where ever you want on the page. Saves me from copying down notes during tutorials.

    Got a samsung 7.7

    When I got it, I used to use it for reading news articles mainly. Now I barely use it at all. Mainly when I am away with out a computer.

    Oh and I'll sometimes use it to watch videos on the train.

    I use iPad to keep kids busy while I use my pc.

    I have a Nexus 7 which I mostly use at work for social media, Google Reader (Press), and Evernote for projects, as well as Kindle at night. At home my partner uses it for recipes, social media and games.

    I use my Transformer Prime for app coding (AIDE + Git/Dropbox) when I'm on the go, terminal work (testing and troubleshooting), Google Drive, Evernote and of course general browsing, email and Feedly (newsreader).

    Got myself a Surface and I use it when on site. If I need to connect to the Internet, I use my mobile phone as a hot spot. I can do almost everything I need when at client sites, check their network, work with Office and create Invoices, Quotes etc. When at home, I kick back with casual browsing and watching movies. Hooking it up to an Xbox is fun too

    My Nexus 7 is primarily used for Plex for watching tv in bed - and games when the nieces and nephews are over.

    My 10" android tablet is now my primary computer at home. It has a keyboard dock as well, which is fine for typing lengthy e-mails. Using Android on a daily basis is significantly better than Windows 7/8. I feel you can do a lot more with it, much easier.

    I also carry a Nexus 7 on my pocket for media consumption while commuting.

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 I mainly use it for browsing, emails, and comics. Its fantastic with comixology's comics app that add brilliant transitions. its as light as a Trade paper back of a physical comic.

    The wife loves her Nexus 7 for e-book reading, FaceBook and Skyping her parents back in the UK. She rarely puts it down!

    Got a few ipads floating around unfortunately, mine never gets used any more, replaced entirely by my phone, but the missus uses her's extensively for internet and work email.

    I use my 10" Acer tablet as a media center (plugged into the TV), I use my Nexus 7 to read the news (via Google Currents), Facebook / Google+, browsing the internet / Wikipedia (the bigger screen and hand-held-edness is wonderful for this), and for media consumption when I'm on the go (e.g. watching videos on the train or when someone else is driving and I've got time up my sleeve).

    I also use it as an emergency productivity tool as well. I can log on to my workplace's virtual desktops in a pinch, but I usually wait until I'm back at my desk if I can.

    iPad "3". I use it in a few different ways. First, as a reader for ebooks and RSS feeds, etc. Second as a way of enforcing some work-life separation for my mobile devices: I have set up my work email account on my iPad but not my iPhone, and the iPad is useful for certain quick work tasks that are done away from the office. Third, it's a nice device for casual Internet browsing: I was finding that if I went to my home desktop to look up something on the Internet I'd be sucked down a rabbit hole and end up wasting a lot of time, but when I do the same thing on my iPad, it gets done and I get on with my life. This last point has a lot to do with the fact that the iPad is pretty sucky for typing, especially if (like me) you're really fast on a regular keyboard. So that means that all my real work (which involves writing in one form or another) gets done on a desktop, and the iPad will never replace that.

    The Nexus 7 gets used for rss, social media, comics and other reading and reference chores. The Transformer Prime is used for writing, designing mindmaps, managing emails and playing Elder Sign.

    iPad4: Pandora, Rdio, Email, Flipboard, RDP and SSH into work servers and scheduling planes for a certain large international airline. I have the untrathin logitech for when I need to use SSH but tend to tap my emails. I wish the iPad had proper swype.

    Nexus7: Reading Books (perfect form factor, but no LTE so can't do much else on it

    SonyS: Scrapped, useless piece of junk, never buying another Sony product again.

      +1 for RDP. the ipad is now my main remote admin tool, which I didn't expect at all.

      I use it pretty heavily for rss/iview/social media/browsing, but the remote admin lets me justify owning it.

    Everything! My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is always with me. Yes, email, browsing, social media,, texting, but also reading - e books, audio books, digital magazines; music via spotify, Google
    Reader for, blogs, news feeds; Dropbox for access to all my work and personal files; apps for everything from tv guide to medical records; all my photos via Picasa; all my contacts and calendars; PDFs of sewing/knitting/crochet patterns; to do lists etc.
    I am pretty close to not needing my laptop anymore. Add in my Samsung Galaxy camera and I really only need my smartphone for making calls these days! And as a person with MS it acts like a backup brain and is easily used in bed at any angle and is perfect when away from home and makes doctors waiting room reading much less painful ;-)

    Browsing the internet from the couch. Watching youtube in bed. Playing the occasional game. iPad 2 btw.

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